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The Signature Look

That Fade

  • Haircut

  • Neck Shave with Razor

  • Hot towel and Shampoo

  • Shoulder Massage

  • 1/2 guard, 0, Electric Shaver

  • Hot towel and Shampoo

  • Shoulder Massage

The Complete Package

  • The Signature Look/Fade

  • Full Face Shave with Razor

Beard Trim

  • Guard or Freehand Trim

  • Line up with Trimmers/Electric Shaver

Partial/Full Shave

  • Beard trim with Razor Line up

  • OR

  • Completely Bare

Eyebrow Wax

  • Trim with scissors

  • Hard/Soft Wax


I appreciate all of you standing beside me, putting complete trust in what I do for my living and passion.  The patronage you have given in the past, as well as the continued support since beginning my current endeavor these few short years on my own, has touched me immensely.

The lessons I have learned along my journey, have taught me to be a fair and competitive entrepreneur – keeping my rates consistent despite my competitors higher pricing for the same services, and regardless of the rising cost of business in our current economy.  Yet moving forward, to remain in this market and be available to attend to your needs – I must make a very tough decision to increase my fees by $5 per every service I provide.

This will commence January 9th, 2024 in honor of my father who was also a small business owner and taught me many lessons in commerce, despite shortcomings to meet the demands in the increased cost of his vocation which eventually forced him to shut his doors.  I know he had always wanted the best for me to see me succeed, knowing that I can retain the same quality you truly value and respect in my work.

I anticipate this decision could sway you to move in another direction.  Regardless, I whole heartedly thank you for the time you have given me and hope to see you soon in consideration of your next appointment you may schedule on my books.

Keeping your best in style,


TUES - FRI  10-5

SAT  10-3

11106 Huebner Rd Ste.303
San Antonio, Tx 78230

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